Old Treasury Building

18:47 Jan 30 2015 Victoria Road, Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis

Old Treasury Building
Old Treasury Building (located on the Bay Road Basseterre) Lady Haynes-Smith laid the foundation stone for the Treasury Building in 1894. The building, “a two-story stone structure … is stylistically Georgian Architecture, adapted to the Caribbean, and axially related to Fort Street and the former Treasury Pier, which was the historic gateway to the island by way of the central arch.” (St. Christopher Heritage Society, 2000 p.2). After Emancipation and Apprenticeship in 1838, importing indentured labor from Madeira, Portugal temporarily solved the island’s labor shortage problems. Planters at that time had to deposit in the Treasury an amount to cover the cost of a return fare for each laborer they imported. Many Portuguese did not return to their homeland after their indentureship was up. In the 1890’s, when it was obvious that there was a need for a new Treasury, the planters donated the unused passage monies to government for its construction. A contracting firm from Barbados constructed the building using local stone. On completion of the building several government departments, including the Administrator’s Office, were moved from the Court House to the Treasury Building.
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