Sprat Net Bar & Restaurant

19:35 Jan 30 2015 Old Road

(Located at west of the Island in the Village of Old Road) Sprat Net Bar & Grill is a Family owned island hot spot situated on the entrance to Old Road where the motto is:"WE ONLY EAT THE ONES WE CATCH".A large variety of freshly grilled fish, lobster, Spare Ribs, and chicken served with Corn, Potato, Rolls and "Johnny Cake" (Fried Dumpling).The Chefs give you the chance to choose your own dinner, then watch it grilled to your specification before dining family-style. An adjacent hut serves up the final food group; pizza, Wednesday-Sunday. Sprat Net offers old style Caribbean flavor, with the cheapest drinks, and best local bands on Wednesdays evenings and weekends.
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