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The Masquerade 65 Verified

18:23 Feb 02, 2015

In St. Kitts, Masquerade is an art form. Uniquely Kittitian, it is our Carnival's grand display of the cultural evolution that has taken... More Information » « Less Information

St. Johnson Village, Mc knight Village

Kalinago Karbay - Bloody Point Heritage Centre 56 Unverified

18:20 Feb 02, 2015

(Located west of the Island in Challengers Village) This centre shares a great deal of past local history and culture, high-lighting the massacre... More Information » « Less Information

Challengers Village

Caribbean Cinema 61 Verified

18:19 Feb 02, 2015

(Located west Basseterre at Buckleys Estate) This cinema is one of the islands main entertainment spot for visual arts, also show casing local... More Information » « Less Information

Buckleys Estate

Fishermans Wharf Bar and Grill 62 Verified

18:18 Feb 02, 2015

(Located on the South East Peninsula) Specializes in seafood and barbecue dishes, with favorites such as fresh grilled fish, grilled lobster,... More Information » « Less Information

Bay Road, Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis

Ship Wreck Bar and Grill 74 Verified

18:17 Feb 02, 2015

(Located at South Friars Bay, St. Kitts) Enjoy the true Caribbean spirit while sipping an icy cold beverage or indulging in a Caribbean-style... More Information » « Less Information

South Friars Bay

6-10 of 56 Reports

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